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We Manage All Your WordPress Hosting Worries

AddWeb Solution is one of the best in class fully managed WordPress hosting service provider in the market. With almost a decade of experience in offering hosting solutions to small to large businesses from different parts of the world, we assure you to offer nothing but the best. By choosing our fully managed hosting services you can enjoy the freedom and flexibility of auto-scaling, dynamic and robust performance infrastructure. Let your website get some breathing space with large space, better resources and instant support team assistance for any downtime. 


We have a dedicated team of WordPress experts enabling companies in smooth migration of their existing website to WordPress. By choosing our highly optimized WordPress hosting plans, you can avail the dedicated 24/7/365 support services as well as high-performance infrastructure. All our hosting infrastructures are designed and developed to support the requirements of business networks. We do not charge for WordPress migration and automation tools that we utilize in the migration process. Our team of WordPress experts comes with solid industry experience in hosting, development and network management.

Full Stack of WordPress Hosting Services

There are many WordPress hosting service providers but the most important thing that matters in this segment is the quality of infrastructure, customer service and competitive pricing plans that combines all major needs of small to large businesses. Our aim is to build a long-term relationship with all our customers, regardless of their business size, for which we stretch ourselves to offer all in one platform and ensure that our customers get best in class services at least cost pricing.

Our Pricing











Security Suite

WP Core Updates

Plugin Updates

Theme Updates











CPU Needs










Backup Retention

14 days

14 days

14 days

14 days

SFTP Access

Image Compression (Jpg, Png)

Image Compression (WebP)

Dev. Support

2 hours

4 hours

6 hours



Note: Effective cost of WordPress hosting is free because we offer DevOps Support on each plan its cost $25 Hour. For Example, Startup Plan web hosting cost $50 per month and we offer $50 2 hours Free DevOps Support ($25 for One Hour) so the effective cost will $0

What happens when you move to AddWeb WP Hosting?

Signing up with AddWeb Managed WordPress Hosting will provide you with a secure form where you can add your login details. With this, we can change your DNS (Domain Name System) to our super-fast DNS network. As it is the first step to handover your site over to us, therefore you’ll still be hosted on the old server.     


Then we’ll clone your website and mount it on our server. Our engineers will check the clone website for any issues like broken code, if issues could be fixed we’ll fix them right away. All the plugins that duplicate the functionality of the server environment (security, caching, CDN, etc)  will be removed and some helper plugins used by us will be added. 


With your acknowledgement, we choose to make the staging site live in low traffic time. This will replace the old version of your site which is working on your old server. There is no downtime for using this process and the visitors of the site have undistributed experience about the same. We also ask the admins of the site to stay logged out of the WordPress dashboard for about 30-60 mins while transitioning. After we are done with all the transitions and report success you can sign in again and work immediately. 


With a flash of the changeover, the caching system works with the accelerated loading speed of the site. 



What makes Addweb Solution Different from Others?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Managed WordPress Hosting ?

Managed WordPress Hosting is a concierge service where all technical aspects of running WordPress is managed by the host. This includes security, speed, WordPress updates, daily backups, website uptime, and scalability. One of the best parts about Managed WordPress hosting is the premium support.

How to buy a domain?

Buying domain with AddWeb Solution is simple and fast. By choosing us for domain and hosting both the services, you get several benefits that other hosts may not offer. You can inform our team about the list of domains that you are interested and they will book the available domain for you at competitive rates.

Why Choose WordPress?

WordPress is one of the best Content Management System (CMS) in the world used for websites, blogs and e-commerce platforms. Released in the year 2003, WordPress today enjoys the market hold of 30% across the globe. It comes with robust features, functionalities, plugins, themes and strong community support which makes it a popular choice among users and developers. So, choosing WordPress platform for your website offers a completely automated system to design, develop and manage website.

WordPress is an open source platform?

Yes WordPress is an open source platform and using the latest version of WordPress is free of cost. However, if you have developed website on WordPress and want to publish the same on internet then you need WordPress friendly hosting that optimizes its performance and enables in achieving better results.

Should I have code writing knowledge to manage WordPress?

As such you do need code level knowledge to manage WordPress websites but if you need assistance, our team of WordPress experts will assist you with customization as well as management of the website as per your business requirements. 

Installing WordPress will be charged additional or it is part of the package?

WordPress installation is part of the package so you will not be charged anything additional. In fact, if you need any service related to migration or management of WordPress you can always rely on our support team to get assistance.

I have a WordPress website hosted with another provider, can it be transferred to AddWeb hosting server?

Absolutely Yes! The transfer process of moving from one host to another host is pretty simple and fast. All you need to do is select the desired plan of AddWeb as per your business need and leave it all to our support team. Our team will gain access to cPanel and move the website smoothly to our hosting server.

How often does the WordPress core upgrade?

As WordPress is an open source platform, it is regularly updated by the community members to ensure that all the existing bugs and patches are covered in the continuously development. These updates cover security, features and functionalities by which it is always recommended to use the latest version. So, if you are not aware of the upgrade process or which version to move from the base then choose our WordPress support team.

How many WordPress installations can I have in single AddWeb Hosting account?

By using single WordPress hosting account you can host multiple WordPress installations and gain maximum benefits.

Who will manage my hosting server after plan selection?

After you have selected the hosting plan of your choice, our team will assist you with complete migration and hosting process. If there is any upgrade or update, our team will inform you before the necessary procedure and upgrade the servers to offer the best features for your hosted server. If you need any changes or customization, our WordPress team is readily available for the same.