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Yes, it was a tightly deadlined project, however, team AddWeb was so much co-operative and they always focused on finding solutions. We worked as a team together for the Self Coaching Scholars App, to launch the app in Ionic and AngularJS. Would love to be associated and collaborate for more projects together soon.

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About The Project

The Self Coaching Scholars

The Self Coaching App is an addition from The Life Coach Schools, here they wanted an app for students who wanted to have self-coaching. This app is focused to help students with world-class coaching systems and make them understand and study themself. The app was build from our end to them from scratch. Several other features like login after membership, audio player support, managing of AWS CDN, free session and many more things were provided from our end. We also helped them with complex functionalities, like audio playing on sleep and offline mode.


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Problem Statement

The Life Coach School wanted to make an app for the students who wanted to learn self-coaching. This could help the students to study and understand more about themselves. They specified the features and we integrated them into the project.

Joining with Self Coaching Scholars

We developed a platform wherein the students can self-coach themselves. This will help them with make sense regarding their thoughts, feelings, behaviour, and results. The self-coaching app has 3 subscriptions - Silver, Bronze, and Diamond. Students once after joining the Self Coaching Scholars can download the app after getting access to the features of their program. The students can easily login after the membership with package wise access. Here we created a stage where weekly sessions, coaching videos, monthly sessions, homework, audios are updated. The student can easily access them.


Discover new learning possibilities

The students can get the stored videos from the CloudFront. SoundCloud and AWS CDN were made compatible with streaming. Now the user can edit the profile, audios, videos with new learnings. They can also download the book, question ask forms, free sessions, podcasts. They can get easy reminders and Archive options developed in the app. Videos are displayed calendar wise, in order to make it easy for the users to get know about the video. Caching options are provided so that users can watch videos again, and can also get automatic updates when connected to wifi/internet. We made it possible for the students to get audios even when a device is on sleep and offline mode.

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Developing new ideas into reality becomes an interesting task. Similarly, this idea of The Life Coach School of making an app for the Self Coaching Scholars was a creative idea and providing it with a platform was a great experience. We developed the whole app from scratch. We made the whole theme of the app quite interesting, decent and catchy at the same time.

We used the Vimeo for the audio player. All the videos made and downloaded are stored on the CloudFront. For the streaming, the AWS CDN and SoundCloud were managed. The user can upgrade their graph by editing the profile according to their constant learnings. Several downloads of the book, question ask forms, the free session was made provided. The caching was handled in order to help students watch the videos again and get updated about the wifi/internet. Now the students can easily enjoy the lectures even when their device is on sleep mode or on offline mode.
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