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Sune Vestergaard

Co Founder, GoSafr

Project Brief

Stay Updated, Stay Safe, Travel Hassle free.

GoSafr is a travel app that aims to assist travellers in planning a safe, comfortable, and pleasurable journey whilst exploring new destinations. Travellers can keep all of their crucial trip details in one place with GoSafr. GoSafr helps travellers protect themselves from all types of undesired travel hurdles by providing information about all the little details of their trip, such as the most recent weather updates or changes in flight schedules and other similar information that allow travellers to be prepared. GoSafr also offers online assistance, where tourists may get quick answers to their questions. With GoSafr, you can go to almost any location around the world without having to worry about not knowing and preparing for bad weather or natural disasters.


Our dedicated team of engineers, architects, & designers crafted a roadmap of how the project sprint would be achieved. There were milestones defined along with client feedback and timelines. After several wireframes, designs, and mockups, the tech pundits at AddWeb Solution were able to achieve the feat of making a world-class app like GoSafr.




Travel & Tourism

Problem Statement/Challenges

GoSafr came up with the requirement to make a platform to provide ease of journey for travelers by providing situation updates like flight updates, weather notifications, travel alerts, etc. and providing online assistance with everything possible while traveling.


We created an application that was simple to comprehend and utilize. GoSafr will continuously track the location of the user to avoid situations that could derail their travel goals. Users will get timely updates and intelligent suggestions to avoid the most prevalent pitfalls in their visiting locations. The features provided to offer all these facilities in the app are as below:


My Journeys

This app has a feature called 'My Journeys', which allows users to enter all their planned trips, modes of commute, and lodging data. Additionally, GoSafr has made it simple to share travel details with companions. It allows the user to create new travels and set up travel update alerts for all the planned trips.



When tourists arrive in a new region and are unfamiliar with the area, finding local facilities, options for urgently required services or assistance can be difficult. Considering this, 'Suppliers' provides tourists with a list of local providers such as dentists, hospitals, pharmacies, eye clinics, and doctors, etc. If an emergency arises, the tourists will be relieved to have this list of specialized vendors.



Along with a list of providers, the app offers online assistance to help travelers with any questions or problems during their journey. If there are any travel-related accidents, such as missing/stolen luggage, cancellations or delays on any stay/transportation plans, etc., assistance is available. Online assistance also assists with any necessary itinerary revisions and offers information about the destinations that tourists intend to visit.

GoSafr will adapt its amount of assistance based on your destination and situation while traveling.


Flight details

When it comes to travelling, having the transit specifics of the journey handy is beneficial. When on a long trip with various modes of transportation, it's easy to get confused with the timetables and specifics, leading to missing a bus, train, or airline, among other things. The application compiles all of these details onto a single page, allowing travellers to access them quickly and easily. This section contains detailed trip dates, terminal/platform information, schedule, and location.

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AddWeb Solution choose latest tools, techniques and software platforms to develop GoSafr app.

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