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A Leading Cybersecurity & Compliance Firm

 A Leading Cybersecurity & Compliance Firm
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Project Brief

One Stop Solution for Cyber-security Compliance & Assessment

A cybersecurity and compliance firm specializing in helping its clients navigate the scope and complexity of their specific security needs. Since its inception, the company has provided financial auditing and cybersecurity assessment and consulting services for private and public sector entities. With their core values of commitment to quality and innovation constantly, they’ve managed to help their clients to fight back their compliance, cyber risk, and cybersecurity-related pain points.

The Business Needs / Challenges

The client on-boarded with us at the beginning of 2021. For a cyber security firm, the major challenge was to increase its daily website traffic and bring more business. The client wanted to dominate a highly competitive niche and rule high authority websites, similar domains, and other industry-leading players. The client was facing some key challenges like:

-Poor ranking of niche-relevant keywords. A cybersecurity firm was highly interested in building a core audience by ranking niche-relevant keywords on the first page of leading search engines and increasing their visibility over the web.
-Increase the organic traffic on the website.
-Improve the number of conversations and brand visibility.
-Efficient content optimization to manifest the brand as an authority in the field of cybersecurity and compliance.

How did we help?

How we partnered with a cybersecurity firm and made it a success in very little time.

Client allocated some budget to promote Google Ad campaigns. But seeing the competitive nature of their business, He believed their SEO footprint was not so big enough to bring more business. The client paired up with AddWeb Solution to revamp their SEO strategy and get great results within their budget.


How we helped a leading cybersecurity firm to improve their search visibility and grow revenue in the most fiercely competitive market in the United States with our tactful organic SEO strategies…

A-lign SEO Process

Our Strategies

We decided that the best strategy to achieve the desired results is to:

A thorough analysis of the A cybersecurity firm’s website (including the study of backlinks), competitors, and marketplace helped us gain a complete understanding of the brand’s current position and allowed us to put together a strategy focused on:


  • Enhance organic visibility by positioning better in the SERPs
  • Boost the quality of traffic to the site
  • Increase better-quality leads to the site, therefore increasing the likelihood of conversions


We identified the following keywords as high-opportunity keyword targets to pay attention to for effective SEO strategy: “SOC 1”, “SOC 2”, “SOC audit,” and “SOC compliance.”


Client has managed to achieve great results like:

Careful strategic implementations and combined organic SEO efforts of the AddWeb Solution team have helped a cybersecurity firm achieve excellent results in three months:
-36% traffic growth in less than 3 months
-Within 3 months, the website’s organic sessions increased 46% as compared to earlier.
-Monthly leads increased from 218 to 336, which is 54% more than earlier.
-Keyword improvements within the last three months, i.e., out of _80__ -keywords, _20_ keywords are ranking in the top 10 pages of Google/Yahoo.


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