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Simplify infrastructure with innovation using Jenkins

Continuous integration and continuous deployment – these are the cornerstone in DevOps to make the implementation successful. The developers must integrate change and deliver builds quickly. Jenkins helps developers to build and test their applications consistently to help the technical team integrate changes faster. It empowers developers to overcome the maintenance and continuous update challenges faced on a day-to-day basis.

Jenkins pipeline promises the following business benefits:


Simplified Configurations

It is an open-source tool, which is easy to install and manage. You don’t need any additional components.


Extensive Support

It is extensively used by the organizations, hence finding support would be a walk on cake. If you look at the community, you will realize how popular Jenkins is.


Leverage from Automated Testing

By automating the integration process, it helps organizations save time and money. It becomes easy for the organizations to automatically test updated code.


Ease of Deployment

Enable and support continuous deployment and continuous integration concepts clearly.


Ample Plugins

Brings more flexibility with the help of plugins. It becomes very easy to integrate Jenkins with any delivery system.


Powerful Troubleshooting

Early error-detection is possible with Jenkins. Since testing is automated on every update, it helps developers identify the source of the problem at the very next moment.

AddWeb is a proactive participant in the Jenkins community and plays a vital role in supporting our clients to achieve seamless infrastructure and enhanced innovation through Jenkins continuous deployment and Jenkins continuous integration services.

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Why choose AddWeb Solution?

We have a proven track record of helping our clients implement DevOps using advanced tools and resources. Our Jenkins experts analyze your business requirements and assist in all possible ways to help you get the maximum benefit from the Jenkins continuous integration. Here’re a few reasons to help you make a move:

Implying continuous integration
Highly configurable
Ease of integration
Encourage Innovation
Were available 24x7

Implying continuous integration and deployment concepts clearly

Our experts make sure you leverage the true potential of continuous integration and delivery.

Highly configurable

While working on your DevOps implementation, we always try to make all our Jenkins solutions easy to configure.

Ease of integration

We understand the need of integrating third-party tools and thus, helps businesses integrate tools effortlessly.

Encourage Innovation

Enable businesses to innovate in terms of their offerings by better understanding the market.

We’re available 24x7

Post-production issues are common, but when we’re with you, you don’t have to worry about it. We will be available anytime, anywhere!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Jenkins benefits my business?

Continuous integration is the most crucial aspect of a successful DevOps implementation and Jenkins is a well-known continuous integration tool. With Jenkins organizations can easily accelerate their development process via automation. Apart from this, it brings a whole host of business benefits including:


  • Excellent community support
  • Ease of installation
  • More than 1000 plugins to simplify the integration process
  • It is totally FREE
  • Ease of portability to other platforms
I am performing automation testing for my business application. How can Jenkins be useful in it?

Jenkins can simplify the automation testing and help you run the test cases as and when you feel required. Our Jenkins experts know how to schedule test runs at a specific time to help you save your time in testing. With the help of Jenkins, it is possible for you to get insights about test result trends. Moreover, it becomes easy to know the reason behind any test case failure.


Furthermore, it gives great details about the test duration with the help of graphical representation. Last but not least, Jenkins triggers notification as and when any test suite execution is completed, which helps you get every minute update about the automation testing of your application. To know how you can utilize Jenkins for your automation testing, please get in touch with us.

I want to know different build types supported in Jenkins.

Jenkins does support a few different types of builds, such as freestyle and the Maven ⅔ builds.

I want to use Jenkins; do I need to install Docker?

Yes, it is one of the major prerequisites to use Jenkins for your business. It is a must that Docker is installed on the host system to enable the services. To get to know how you can install Docker and Jenkins, ask our experts to understand your requirements.

Is there any relation between Jenkins and Hudson?

Yes, Jenkins and Hudson are closely associated. You can call Hudson the ancestors of Jenkins. Since there were a couple of issues faced in Hudson, it was improved and renamed Jenkins.

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